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Cite Your Sources: Citing Media in a PPT or iMovie

This page has lots of resources to help you create citations for your research assignments.

Works Cited List in iMovie

  • If you are using iMovie, use the scrolling credit title to add your Works Cited list

Media Clip in iMovie

  • Using iMovie titles, add a short citation on top of the video directing your viewer to your Works Cited list.
  • The title does not need to be on the entire clip. It can fade out after a few seconds.
  • The title below refers to this citation from the Works Cited list:
     "Global Warming 101." Youtube, uploaded by National Geographic, Accessed 10 May 2022.


In a slideshow

  • Use royalty free images, sounds, or video from sites like Pixabay and Unsplash
  • Provide an attribution in a caption beneath the media
  • If you are using clip art or images provided by the software (for example, clip art that comes with MS PPT), you do not need to provide an attribution


  • If you are using an image for academic purposes (ie to share knowledge), provide a citation like you would for any figure or table. See tab above for "Tables and Figures"
  • If you are not using a royalty-free image (eg. using images found in an image search and not checking for the usage rights), then you must provided a citation in the caption. It's best NOT to use this kind of image as you may not have the right to use it.