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Grade 9 Social Studies suggested reading: Unit 1 Government Systems

Government Systems defined

From Brittanica: Any group of people living together in a country, state, city, or local community has to live by certain rules. The system of rules and the people who make and administer them is known as a government. Especially at the national level, a government can be a massive system that encompasses a great number of institutions and leaders. A national government typically includes a president or prime minister, a legislature or parliament, courts, a civil or public service, and armed forces, among many other components. The set of formal legal institutions that make up a government is sometimes called a political system. 

"Government." Britannica School, Encyclopædia Britannica, 13 Jun. 2019.

Books from the Library

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Picking a topic

Image from: Develop a Topic by LKaras at USC Upstate

Mapping your Research Idea

Search Strategies

Use some of these advanced search strategies when on the internet to make your search more precise, relevant, and effective.

search for a exact phrase by enclosing the phrase in quotation marks:

"phrase searching"

force the retrieval of certain words by using boolean operators:


subtract a word from your search by using the minus sign


search for synonyms by using the tilde key


use two periods to search within a number range


search within a site using a colon and the word site

"golden retriever"

search for a particular location

"global warming" location:guangzhou

search for a file type

"elon musk" filetype:pdf

search for a site with a particular word it its name