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Graphic Novels Recommended by Hengyu Zhou, IB Art Student: Introduction

Recommended Reading from Hengyu

self portrait of AISG student artist Hengyu Zhou 



A list of recommended books is displayed in the top box of each page.

Some of them have their covers displayed, while others do not.

We have not forgotten about them; we simply have not found the cover picture in our database yet.

The list is still being updated. Thank you for your patience!

For you

Our school has the BEST graphic novel collection! Some of these books cannot even be found in public libraries.

Stop by in the morning and flip through one. There are a few books that are so good that I have to recommend them to you.

The recommendation list is not very thorough as I haven't finished reading every comic in the library, although I have spent four years trying to do so. But thanks to Ms. Wood for giving me this chance to share.

I am glad that you clicked on this web page. Thank you for enjoying graphic novels!

Don't underestimate their power.