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AISG PYP Exhibition: Sources of Information

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Sources of Information

Sources of Information by Silky Vyas

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Primary sources are firsthand accounts created by people who witnessed an event or experience directly.
- Examples of primary sources include letters, diaries, speeches, interviews, and original artwork.
- Primary sources are used to understand what it was like to experience something in person.
- Secondary sources interpret or analyze primary sources and are created by experts in the field.
- Examples of secondary sources include books, articles, documentaries, and lectures that discuss, summarize, and evaluate primary sources.
Chinese Translation

- 主要来源是由直接目睹事件或经历的人创造的第一手资料。
- 主要来源的示例包括信件、日记、演讲、采访和原创艺术作品。
- 当你想要了解亲身体验某事的感受时,可以使用主要来源。
- 次要来源是由领域专家解释或分析主要来源而创建的。
- 次要来源的示例包括讨论、总结和评估主要来源的书籍、文章、纪录片和讲座。

Korean Translation

비디오에 대한 간단한 요약을 읽으십시오.
주요 자료는 어떤 사건이나 경험을 직접 목격한 사람들에 의해 만들어진 일차적인 자료입니다.
- 주요 자료의 예로는 편지, 다이어리, 연설, 인터뷰, 원본 예술 작품 등이 있습니다.
- 주요 자료는 어떤 일을 직접 체험한 것을 이해하기 위해 사용됩니다.
- 이차적 자료는 주요 자료를 해석하거나 분석하며, 해당 분야의 전문가들이 만듭니다.
- 이차적 자료의 예로는 주요 자료를 논의, 요약 및 평가하는 책, 기사, 다큐멘터리, 강의 등이 있습니다.


Movie Transcript 

Research involves gathering information from sources. Some are primary sources, which capture people’s first-hand experiences—like videos, emails, and eyewitness accounts. These sources can give you a real feel for people’s personal feelings and their perspective on an event. Others are secondary sources, like encyclopedia entries and textbook articles, which are written after the fact from second-hand knowledge. They combine information from other sources into a summary or analysis of a topic, which can help you understand the context and broader themes. When using sources in an assignment, evaluate each one carefully, considering the author’s perspective and biases, and whether it’s credible. And remember to cite your sources—you don't want to plagiarize! Want to learn more? You’ve come to the right source, so press “play.”


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