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Harry Potter

Good news for those Harry Potter fans!

The library has purchased a full set of Harry Potter novels (Chinese version).  The call # of these books are CH F ROW and they all located on the Chinese section.  While you are addicted to the wonderful content of the story, you can also increase your Chinese reading level.  

If you have any difficulties in searching, we are happy to provide service when needed.

Happy reading!



图书馆购买了全套哈利波特小说(中文版).  这些书的编号是 CH F ROW, 它们位于中文小說區域.  当你沉迷于故事的精彩内容时, 也可以提高你的中文阅读水平.

如果您在搜索方面有任何困难, 我们很乐意為您提供服务.


Harry Potter